Here we go!

Posted by Sarrah Riddle on

So, everything is up, and I have fixed all the listings so that they are now weighed in ounces instead of pounds, so I no longer am selling the heaviest beads in the world.

It feels really good to have accomplished this.

I'm still working on fixing some of the things you will never see to make this website run quickly and smoothly. I'm doing a ton of work now so that later, I won't have to do so much, and can focus on getting the beads out quickly.

Once I get those things worked out I can make the website prettier to look at so that you can enjoy your time browsing even more.

Let me know what you would like to see in the store. I'd love to hear.

Hope you have an amazing day.


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  • Nice work Sarrah!

    Patti Skipton (knotjustpretty) on

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