40mm Brown Ceramic Macrame Eye Beads

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Ceramic Eye Beads. Made with macrame in mind these have a nice large hole.

The bead is painted brown and then has a yellow and black glaze applied on one side in a circle to create an eye design. It's slightly off center to give room for small eye lash imprints on one side of the bead.

The bottom brown paint is not a shiny glaze, and could be painted over if desired. It may have some small chips in it, nothing out of line with the age and style of paint.

These are vintage beads from the 1970s. They are new old stock and have been kept in the back of a warehouse for many years.

Eye beads
Brown background with yellow and black glaze.
About 40mm diameter, 20mm thick. Hole size about 8mm, may not be perfectly round.
Sold individually or in pairs.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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