Carved Cinnabar Flower Pendant - Two Hole Focal Bead

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This filigree flower design is lovely and bold.

There is a hole at the top and bottom of the piece from front to back.

Some sections of filigree go all the way through and some have a small remaining layer on the bottom.

I do not know what the writing says. I'd love to find out. It could say something lovely like "hope" or it may say "banana" I really don't know.

This is a relatively thin piece only 5mm thick.

1 Focal Pendant
Red Bead
Cinnabar Bead
About 42mm diameter, 5mm thick
About 2mm hole
Lacquer Beads
Flower Beads
Loose Bead

Cinnabar is made with layers and layers of Lacquer which are then carved into beautiful beads and other ornamental objects. Although, in modern times we use other, safer, dyes, traditionally mercury was used in cinnabar beads to produce the bright color.

These have an oil polish finish applied during manufacturing, they may need an extra wipe with a cotton cloth before use to get residual off. Though all of the fronts are evenly applied, the back may have thicker patches as shown in pictures.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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