6mm 8mm or 10mm Full Strand Black Lava Stone Beads

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I really love Lava stones because they are the only stones one really gets to witness the production of. Other stones take too long and happen underground. But, these stones are made suddenly in an explosion. Once things have cooled there's beautiful black rock remaining. Amazing.

These black beads are round. Because they are natural there may be some slight variations to size and shape. These beads are full of little pits formed when the heat escapes the stone. Beautiful textured stone.

Choose 6mm beads, 8mm Beads, or 10mm beads. some variation in size may occur, as they are a natural material.
Hole size between 1.5 and 2mm.
Round Beads
Black Beads
Volcanic Rock / Lava Stone /Extrusive Igneous Rock if you're feeling technical
About 15.7 Inch Strand

10mm beads have 38 beads per strand
8mm Beads have 46 beads per strand
6mm beads have 62 beads per strand

6mm and 8mm beads pictured,

These have a wax coating on them. If you would like to remove the coating to use with essential oils the process is easy. Simply get a pot of boiling hot water and lower the beads in, they only need to be in for a second or two before being pulled out. This will melt and loosen the wax. Dry them on a clean towel. You may want to repeat once or twice to make sure all the wax has been removed. Do not leave the beads in the boiling water for extended periods.

After this your beads will be ready to take on essential oil.

Igneous Rocks!

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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Great lava stone beads! Fast shipping!
Review for 6mm 8mm or 10mm Lava Beads Full Strand Black...
Review for 6mm 8mm or 10mm Lava Beads Full Strand Black...
Just as described. Thanks !
Review for 6mm 8mm or 10mm Lava Beads Full Strand Black...