40 10mm Flower Pattern Khaki Brown Round Wood Beads

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Cute beads with painted with pretty little flowers.

These beads are not perfectly round, they have an organic feel. Very fun to play with.

These are hand painted so exact flower placement varies from bead to bead.
Quantity 40
Size about 10mm across, there is some fluctuation from bead to bead.
Hole size about 3mm, not always completely round
Wood Beads / Wooden Beads
Flower Patterned Beads
Khaki brown background with white flowers. The center of the flowers are red.
Round Beads
Loose beads, when strung will measure about a 16 inch strand.

These are a natural material, and are not always completely round, there may be bumps or flat spots. Some are more ovals than round. A nice organic feel to them.

The pattern is applied in such a way that no two are quite the same. There are sometimes gaps or overlaps of the flower.

There is an occasional bead that has a bit of a blocked hole. It is easily cleaned out with a sharp item, like an awl, knitting needle or even a pen.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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