30mm Tasty Sandwich Polymer Clay Charms

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These sandwiches are so incredibly cute. An adorable face on each one. These are handmade (not by me) so each is slightly different giving each it's own charm.

These sandwiches have so many names. Hoagies, Subs, dagwoods, grinders, heroes... probably more that I can't think of. No matter what you call it this sandwich is cute! It's adorned with lettuce, maybe turkey or cheese and a slice of tomato that from some angles looks like a cute sticking out tongue.

The bottom is flat so you could remove the eye hook and use as a cabochon.

Some of the hooks are farther into the sandwich than others, some are well in practically hidden among the lettuce and others stick out a good deal. I believe all are in at length that will hold well and be usable.

Size 30mm long with eye hook, 27mm without the eyehook, 19mm Wide, 12mm thick
All measurements are approximate, the sandwiches are hand assembled and vary slightly.
Quantity 4 per Pack, Available in half or full pack
Eye hook hole measures 2.5mm Hole
Hoagie Sandwich / Submarine Sandwich / Hoagie Sandwich / Dagwood Sandwich / Hero Sandwich ... what do you call it?
Polymer Clay

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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Review for 30mm Tasty Sandwich Polymer Clay Charms
Very cute but one arrived broken :/
These are so cute... shipped really fast and packaged very...