3 36mm Gold Plated Plastic Ring Link Beads Vintage Acrylic Rope Beads

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Lovely golden ring beads, look like rope. These are lightweight enough to be earrings and use the third as a matching necklace focal point.

Would make a great link in jewelry as well.

Gold Plated Beads
36mm Diameter, 6mm thick.
Interior hole about 23mm. There is no drilled hole on these.
Acrylic Beads / Plastic Beads
Donut Beads / Ring Beads / Round Link
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Vintage Beads New Old Stock

These are gold plated plastic beads. A nice quality vintage bead, plated in actual gold. Due to their age, there may the occasional scratch or age mark. Nothing out of line with the age.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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