24 12mm Grey Crystal Faceted Bicone Beads

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Lovely beads a great grey color. The faceting on these is nice, it's a bicone shape without the clear center line, making it seem rounder and lusher.

Crystal Glass Beads
Faceted Beads
Quantity 24 beads per pack
12mm diameter
Grey Beads
Bicone Beads, faceted in such a way there is not a clear center line.
Temporarily strung, strand measures roughly 11.3 inches.

Ever wonder what the difference between crystal and glass beads was? Crystal beads have lead oxide in them, which changes the way the light hits them giving them an improved sparkle factor.

Crystal is also just slightly heavier than regular glass beads. With beads being so small though, you generally won't notice a weight difference.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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