20 14mm Copper Nugget Vintage New Old Stock Beads Copper Plated Acrylic Beads Red Copper Loose Beads

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A really interesting nugget style bead. There are small lines running across and around, like veins in stone. These are uncirculated vintage New Old Stock beads. A style unlike any I've seen before.

As these beads are vintage, they may have spots or scratches on them, nothing out of line with the age. Many could probably be removed with a good polish. Additionally, a few of these beads have small black spots.

20 Beads
Red Copper Beads
Copper Plated Acrylic Base Beads
Vintage New Old Stock Beads
Nugget Beads
14mm tall, 13mm thick 17mm wide, hole size about 2mm
Loose Beads
If strung, the strand would measure about 11 Inches

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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