2 19mm Dark Blue Cloisonne Dalmatian Dog Beads Animal Beads Pet Beads Metal Beads Enamel Bead

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Adorable blue dalmatian beads. These precious cloisonne dog beads are sturdy and lightweight perfect for earrings or other projects where weight matters.

The hole goes from the center of the back down to the area between the front and back legs. It is not truly round as it is formed where the front and back half of the dog meet.

Both sides are colored, essentially being mirror images of the other side.

Cloisonne Beads - Metal beads with a colorful enamel finish
Dark Blue Beads with black spots and red ears
Quantity 2
19mm tall, 11mm wide, 4mm thick
Hole about 1.5mm at the narrowest point
Dalmatian Dog Beads

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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