15 13mm Red Copper Saddle Beads - Vintage Copper Plated Plastic Potato Chip Beads

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Love these beautiful saddle shaped beads. This shape reminds me of Pringles. What can I say, I like a snack. Like pringles they will stack together. When enough are strung together it almost forms a snake like movement. Lovely and smooth.

As these beads are vintage, they may have spots or scratches on them, nothing out of line with the age. Many could probably be removed with a good polish.

15 Beads
Red Copper Beads
Copper Plated Acrylic Base Beads
Vintage New Old Stock Beads
Saddle Beads / Pringle Beads / Bent Saucer beads
13mm across, 6mm deep, hole size about 1.8mm
Loose Beads

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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