12 19mm x 17mm Round Orange Wood Beads Large Hole Wooden Ball Beads

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These are fun round beads. A beautifully vivid orange, ready to add a pop of color to your next design.

They vary slightly in size and shape from bead to bead giving them an organic feel overall. As such all measurements are approximate.

The hole size varies from about 3mm to 4.5mm. Some of the holes look blocked initially, but by putting in something a little wider and sharper into the end and giving a twist (I use a knitting needle) cleans them out quickly and easily.

12 Beads per pack
Wood Beads / Wooden Beads
Round Beads / Ball Beads
Measure about 19mm wide, and 17mm stringing direction, or in standard about 3/4 inch wide, 11/16 thick
Orange Beads
Loose Beads
If strung the strand would measure about 8 Inches, or 20cm.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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Nice variety of items, would buy again!

Nice variety of items, would buy again!