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Pretty little Ugandan paper beads. These were hand rolled by a woman in Jinja, Uganda. She is paid a better than fair trade rate to create them. The beading program she is part of creates work and a future for her and her family.

These beads are hand rolled from shiny paper like recycled magazines. Because of the hand rolled nature, each is slightly different. Sizes and shapes can vary, but as a set they are well matched and work together well.

They have three layers of lacquer, applied and dried one layer at a time, so they are nice and solid and fairly water resistant. I wouldn't want to wear them in a bath, but, if you get caught in the rain, the beads should be just fine.

The holes sizes do vary, most are around 1.5mm, some may be slightly larger, and some a bit smaller and may require a needle to assist with stringing.

Quantity 10 per Pack
Measurement Approximately 10mm long and 8mm wide
Purple Beads
Paper Beads
Made in Jinja, Uganda by Grace Latigo
Fair Trade Beads

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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