10 40mm Red and Purple Two Tone Beads Vintage Plastic Tube Beads

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I am loving these two tone beads. One half Red one half Purple, there is a nice crisp line dividing the two. The crisp line is a seam, and though visually it is very obvious, it is so smooth it feels like there is no seam. Excellent Quality.

These are vintage uncirculated beads. Often called New Old Stock, these beads have spent time in a warehouse waiting to be brought out.

Red and Purple Beads
10 Beads per pack
Vintage New Old Stock Uncirculated beads from the 1980s.
Made in Austria
Plastic Beads
40mm long, 11mm wide, hole size about 2mm
Loose Beads

If strung these beads would measure about 15 3/4 inches.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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Love my entire order. Thank you!

Love my entire order. Thank you!

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