6 20mm Vintage Dark Brown Wood Cube Beads

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Pretty dark brown wood cube beads. Nice large 4mm hole size great for macrame and other projects with a larger string. Lightweight and sturdy.

The finish is worn off some of the edges, whether by design, or just from being shifted around over the last 40+ years, I am uncertain. The end result though is lovely and natural.

Cube beads, not quite perfect, they vary slightly in size from about 19mm to 21mm. So I'm going to call them about 20mm or 3/4 inches.
Hole size is 4mm.

Wood Beads / Wooden Beads
Quantity 6
Cube Beads / Square Beads
Approximately 20mm or 3/4 inches in any direction.
Hole size 4mm
Dark Brown Beads

Vintage beads, exact age unknown, I believe the 1970s.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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