4 24mm Gold Plated Round Faceted Asymmetrical Beads Square Oval Beads

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The shape of these is fabulous. And so challenging to describe. They are round, with asymmetrical flat sides, but not faceted in a traditional sense. They are pretty and unique and I've never seen another bead with this shape.

These are vintage new old stock beads. They have been waiting in a warehouse for the right maker to come along and release their potential.

They are gold plated acrylic beads. Gold over a plastic center, they are much lighter than a gold bead so you can use them in earrings and other projects without feeling the weight. The plastic core makes them far sturdier than hollow beads as well.

A great bead all around.

Gold Plated Beads
About 21mm long, 24mm long, 21mm wide=
Slightly larger than 2mm Hole Size
Vintage new old stock beads from the 1960s or 1970s
Quantity 4
Acrylic Beads / Plastic Beads
Gold Plated Beads
Rectangle Oval Beads Puffed and Fluted

Occasionally a bead will have small age marks on it, nothing out of line or inconsistent with the age.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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