15 13mm Vintage Red Copper Beads Bumpy Oval Bean Beads Loose Copper Plated Plastic Beads

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A beautiful bean shaped bead. A bumpy little friendly shape. In beautiful copper metal that dresses them up a little and gives them some shine.

These gorgeous copper beads will add a metal flash to any design. They are nice and light weight, copper plated plastic beads. They have a gorgeous red copper glow.

A nice quality vintage bead, plated in actual copper. Due to their age, there may the occasional scratch or age mark. Nothing out of line with the age.

Bumpy Bean Oval Beads
13.5mm Long, 10.5mm Wide, 7mm Thick, 1.2mm holes, all measurements approximate.
Copper Plated Plastic Beads
Metal Beads
Quantity 15
Vintage Beads, New Old Stock Beads
Loose Beads
If strung, the strand would measure about 8 inches

A story about copper. My family has a cabin in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. 100 years ago, this area of Michigan was home to the world’s largest copper mines. It’s a rich history and the people there are quite proud of it. You can find copper jewelry and knickknacks in every gift shop. Affordable and lovely, I always bought a piece of copper jewelry as a souvenir. While in high school, talking to a friend, I said, “some people like silver, some people like gold, but I like copper.” Though I now giggle at my 15-year-old self too, I had no idea why a teacher’s aide who overheard me started laughing. But, it’s still true. I still love copper and think this red metal makes a lovely addition to all kinds of jewelry, either in combination with other metals or on its own.

Measurements are made to the nearest millimeter.

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Beautiful and very shiny! Fast shipping too!